About Be-Atzmi

Be-Atzmi is a leading Israeli non-profit, working to alleviate poverty and narrow social gaps in Israel through employment advancement and education of underprivileged and excluded populations.

Be-Atzmi develops and runs a variety of services, which serve some  9,000 men and women every year. Participants in our programs include families known to social services, new immigrants from Ethiopia, members of the ultra-Orthodox community, members of the Arab sector, women from traditional societies, at-risk young adults, people over the age of 50, and others.

The organization was founded in 1995 by Ms. Michal Ferber.

 Be-Atzmi was the recipient of  the prestigious “Midot Seal of Effectiveness” award for Israeli NGOs for 2017.  It also won the Hazani Prize for Innovation in Social Services in 2016, which is awarded by the Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services.

 Employment advancement programs

Be-Atzmi develops and runs employment advancement programs in over 100 towns and cities around the country. Most of our programs last one year, during which participants undergo a profound and far-reaching change in their lives. They realize, often for the first time, that they are capable and can dream, aspire and succeed. Participants assess their skills and career goals and tackle employment-related barriers. They then create a personal employment plan and acquire the skills and qualifications they lack to achieve it (e.g. language skills, formal education, and computer proficiency). They also receive guidance and practical tools for job hunting, interviewing, integrating into a new workplace or starting their own business. Program participants, without exception, are not charged a participation fee, which is funded by the partnerships that Be-Atzmi has with the public sector and with business and philanthropic organizations. (To read more)

 Employment education programs

Be-Atzmi develops and runs programs and services that introduce children from underprivileged families to the world of employment and encourage them to set high goals. For these children to successfully integrate into the job market as adults, they need to experience ’employment education’ when they are young. Through our programs and activities, Be-Atzmi helps these children improve their performance at school, develop life skills and boost their sense of self-worth and self-efficacy. The children are also exposed to a variety of educational and employment options that can be open to them in the future if they apply themselves in the present. All these programs and activities are provided to the families free of charge.

 Be-Atzmi’s employment helpline: Ta’asuKav (*2119)

Be-Atzmi operates a national helpline for people who lost their jobs, are unemployed or are facing employment-related hardship. Ta’asuKav offers callers support, guidance and advice throughout their job search or job change process. This free of charge service is tailored to each caller’s specific employment needs and is provided confidentially over the phone by volunteers.

Development, knowledge and training

Be-Atzmi is a knowledge-based organization that specializes in job market integration and develops programs and professional models to meet diverse needs. Our extensive organizational knowledge is also imparted to other professional teams, organizations and individuals. Be-Atzmi has a training center where some of the trainings it offers are held. Together with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, we also established and run the Occupational Social Work Academic Center at the University’s School of Social Work. (To read more)

Employer relations and corporate social responsibility

Be-Atzmi works hand-in-hand with many companies and businesses to advance employment and job market integration. This collaboration takes a number of forms: some businesses hire the graduates of our programs, some encourage their employees to volunteer at Be-Atzmi, and some help us promote workplace diversity and inclusion. Be-Atzmi is also involved in employee development at companies and offers them coaching services when large numbers of employees have to be laid off. (To read more)

Social and public action

Be-Atzmi is involved in a number of social and public forums that have an impact on advancing employment in Israel. We serve on public committees, initiate and form cross-sector collaborations, provide training to professional teams in the public and nonprofit sectors, promote media coverage of employment-related issues, and more.

Cross-sector partnerships

Be-Atzmi regularly works in cross-sector partnerships with: The public sector, including the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of  Economy, and the  Ministry of Education; philanthropic organizations, such as the Ted Arison Family Foundation; businesses, such as Bank Hapoalim and Accenture-Israel; and nonprofits and social ventures. All of our partners jointly contribute to creating a broad-based and long-term solution that is adapted to the needs of the participants. (Read more…)

Board of Directors

Be-Atzmi has a distinguished and involved Board of Directors, all of whom donate their time on a volunteer basis. The Board is headed by Mr. Giora Offer, the former CEO of the Discount Group and currently a partner and chairman of the Lahav Fund. Mr. Zvi Tropp, former Chairman of the Board at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, serves as Vice-Chairman of the Board. Other members include senior executives involved in social services, nonprofit management, financial management, occupational social work and members of the Academy.

Staff and volunteers

Be-Atzmi‘s employees and volunteers are certified and seasoned professionals from  diverse academic backgrounds encompassing  labor studies, occupational psychology and positive psychology, occupational social work, human resources and more.  Our employees and volunteers are closely familiar with the job market and provide participants with an all-embracing enrichment shell.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 68% of the participants who were unemployed, found a job.
  • 65% of the participants upgraded the nature and terms of their employment.
  • 30% of participants take vocational training classes, which are funded or subsidized by Be-Atzmi.
  • 80% of the graduates who successfully completed their program report that they are satisfied at their workplace.
  • 55% of the participants who were under the care of a family social worker, reduced the frequency of their requests for assistance by the end of the program.
  • 91% of the participants reported an improvement in their feeling of self-efficacy.
  • 74% of graduates reported a greater awareness of their financial condition
  • 74%  report that they have found a job or upgraded their employment in alignment with the employment goal they set for themselves.

The participants in our employment programs who find a job have a positive impact on all the circles surrounding them – their relationships within the family, the personal example they set, or the hope they give to their children and their community.

Our Credo

Value: ‘Working’ facilitates financial independence, self-expression, meaning, contribution and a sense of belonging – values that have significance to an individual and extend beyond livelihood needs.

Equal opportunity: every person deserves a fitting opportunity to realize his abilities and professional aspirations.

Aspiration: Even under complex circumstances, you can create an ’employment dream’ – a professional goal – from which an occupation can be derived that fosters personal development, satisfaction, commitment and perseverance.

Choice: Looking for a job should be a matter of personal choice, a genuine desire, which stems from a process tailored to each individual. That choice also leads to commitment and perseverance.

Process: A significant perceptional and behavioral change concerning employment necessitates an extended, in-depth and comprehensive process, supported by a system-wide shell.

Tools: We have to equip a person with tools and skills to make him ’employment competent’ – after which he no longer requires support and assistance and can make progress further  on his own in the future.

Impact: When one person finds a job, it has a positive impact on all the circles surrounding him –beginning with believing in himself and in his abilities, continuing with setting a personal example and giving hope to his children, and strengthening his family and community.

Board of Directors

Management Board


Be-Atzmi (Registered Association No. 58-026-516-3) is a social, not-for-profit organization. A substantial part of the organization’s budget relies on partnerships and on support from the public, philanthropy and corporate sectors. Transparency is a key value in the Be-Atzmi worldview, articulated in the way we work with our partners and clients in all the areas we are engaged in. The organization is also a recipient of the Midot Seal of Effectiveness. Detailed information about Be-Atzmi‘s activities appears on Guidestar Israel and other websites.

Be-Atzmi is the official recipient of the prestigious ‘Midot Seal of Effectiveness’ award for 2017.