Development and training

Be-Atzmi actively seeks greater professionalism and streamlined work processes that enable the organization to provide optimal infrastructure for its employment programs and the services delivered to other agencies. When developing the different programs, intervention tracks and training modules, we adhere to the highest professional standards.

Program development and knowledge management

Be-Atzmi has a department dedicated to managing and developing professional and organizational knowledge, new programs and novel intervention tools. The latter include, among others, a track tailored to men with families, a program for integrating low-income, ultra-Orthodox adults in the job market, whith a focus on the entire family, and a special program for Arab women over the age of 40 who live in Israel’s periphery.


Be-Atzmi holds regular monthly training sessions led by a team of seasoned experts, whose subject matter reflects the organization’s goals and values. By attending these trainings, all staff members including employees in the field and group mentors, are expected to improve their professional competencies and skills.

Evaluation and measurement

The ongoing evaluation and measurement processes conducted at Be-Atzmi are used to track the effectiveness of our programs and examine to what degree they meet their targets. Data pertaining to the programs’ participants as well as organizational knowledge and work methods are managed using a cutting-edge information system. That computerized system is also used to oversee the control processes that are implemented and the professional work delivery in the organization. There is also outside evaluation of some of our programs, which is conducted together with the internal, long-term evaluation that examines to what degree the interventions have been effective up to four years after the participants complete the programs (this is a unique type of evaluation which is rarely carried out for employment programs).

Development and training services for outside agencies

Be-Atzmi enhances the professionalism and skills of other organizations and institutions by developing models and projects for their use, aimed at integrating low-opportunity populations in the job market. Our team offers those organizations guidance and training on how to better manage employment-related initiatives, including the role of the occupational social worker, which is a practice specialization that Be-Atzmi was the first to develop in Israel. We are involved in the trainings held by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services at its main training facility, and also head a course on Social Work in the Workplace at the Hebrew University’s Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare. The course trains social services personnel who wish to engage in occupational social work.