Esther volunteer B’taso-line, a degree in teaching and education, and is a certified personal trainer. Esther accompanied by a turn of the general public and the haredi public.

Esther says: I volunteer B’tasoko, once a week, I have immense satisfaction from helping a person to rise from weak to meet his self-worth, being aware of its hidden capabilities and know how to use them. For me, help someone find a way to support his family – it’s a lot more to give him charity.

Also meant for me is to help the sector I belong Alio- unemployment rate is high also because of the technical difficulty to look for work -No exposed through the publication of today’s technology, and of course the fact that there are a lot of restrictions in our sector not to allow any work and therefore support this population is a commandment and grace for me.

I see this as a welcome activity will enable ultra-Orthodox families escape the cycle of economic distress today is still fairly high percentage compared to other sectors.