Zvika has been the CEO of Be-Atzmi since 2009. In the past, he managed the news division at GLZ-the army radio station, edited the Channel 1 “Mabat” news magazine, and served as news desk chief at the Ha’aretz daily newspaper. Zvika has a B.A. in Law and a M.A. in Jewish History.

Zvika: “The significant developments and turning points in my private and professional life occurred at special moments that involved making a personal choice, stemming from a better understanding of my dreams, aspirations and priorities. I am pleased and proud to be a partner to the unique path led by Be-Atzmi, whose social objectives are founded on the belief that all the women and men who benefit from its services are worthy and entitled to similar moments where they can make a choice – and only undertakings that encourage and facilitate genuine choice can result in success and perseverance.”